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masterRename main executable to a sensible nameTom Smeding4 years
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2020-06-06Rename main executable to a sensible nameHEADmasterTom Smeding
2020-06-06Expand readmeTom Smeding
2020-06-06elusive-events scriptTom Smeding
2020-06-06.set_raw_volume() and .properties() on paTom Smeding
2020-05-21Update readmeTom Smeding
2020-05-21Remove old code in main.pyTom Smeding
2020-05-21DRY/genericity refactor; also sources + source-outputsTom Smeding
2020-05-21Strip quotes in key-value pairs in pacmd outputTom Smeding
2020-05-21Actually support muting sinks and sink-inputsTom Smeding
2020-05-21More granular importsTom Smeding