histogramA terminal histogram drawer 3 days
git-graphCommit graph of a Git repository 3 weeks
terminal-io-hsTermio-like library for Haskell 4 weeks
competitionCompetition manager for CodeCup-like games 6 weeks
ttt3dTiny tic-tac-toe 3D "AI" 6 weeks
rootsPlotting roots of polynomials 2 months
pongmpOnline multiplayer Pong 2 months
tomsgSimple C chat server 2 months
serverstorePersonal screenshot sharing tool 3 months
webserverMy web server 4 months
lisphsLisp half-compiler written in Haskell 5 months
psmnMy password manager 5 months
verify-hsEquational reasoning helper tool for Haskell-like expressions 5 months
barum-ivoA board game designed by Ivo 7 months
termioRust bindings to my C termio library 7 months
tetrisTetris game 7 months
sudokuhtmlMiniscule browser-based sudoku interface 7 months
brightnessTiny screen brightness control utility 7 months
batwarn_daemonShow i3-nagbar on almost-empty laptop battery 7 months
AOCMy solutions to Advent of Code 9 months
lpA simplex-based LP solver 10 months
education-filterAn ad-hoc filter for 11 months
nobody-explodesKeep talking and nobody explodes 12 months
sudokuA generic sudoku solver 13 months
art-attack-tourParallel tournament player for Art Attack 13 months
hnefataflHnefatafl AI 13 months
icmp-commTCP over ICMP 13 months
sound-managerSimple TUI for managing PulseAudio sinks/sink-inputs 13 months
sudokushotSudoku screenshot to text 13 months
stddevStatistical info tool 16 months
vimturingTuring machine simulator in vim normal mode 17 months
mathAlgebraic manipulations in Haskell 17 months
bfturingTuring machine simulator in Brainfuck 17 months
bfinterAn optimising brainfuck interpreter 17 months
bfcomphsOptimising brainfuck compiler in Haskell 17 months
biglettersBig letters 17 months
doomrooms-ttt[no description]18 months
cuda-mandelMandelbrot renderer using CUDA 18 months
chessA chess AI 18 months
capturegoPlay Capture Go against friends 19 months
ccomp-marC compiler for MAR 20 months
bfcompA brainfuck compiler for x86_64 21 months
langhsCompiler for a made-up language all the way to x64 asm 22 months
bin2cxxd -i, but then somewhat shorter 23 months
pstatRemote mac performance monitoring 23 months
cargo-build-succinctScript for more concise `cargo build` output 2 years
rcalcRPN calculator in Rust 2 years
rip-langrip: Rip InterPreter for the esoteric language rip 2 years
rsaUnsafe C++ crypto toolkit 2 years
attractExperimenting with attractor fractals 2 years