drukkedoosHet Zwitsers legermes van ingebed Linux 44 hours
dependent-enummapDependent version of Data.EnumMap 2 days
webserverMy web server 2 days
japanese.vimJanky way to type Japanese characters in vim 2 weeks
haddock-th-foreign-repro[no description]6 weeks
ox-arraysNested, compositional struct-of-arrays orthotope arrays 2 months
ghc-prof-dyn-repro[no description]3 months
hs-visinterVisualising interpreter for a subset of Haskell 3 months
blogSource repository for 5 months
pongmpOnline multiplayer Pong 5 months
blockuntilkeyLinux command-line utility: block until a key is pressed in X11 6 months
miniagdaAn attempt to implement a dependently-typed language 6 months
haddock-to-standaloneReplace escaping links in locally generated haddocks with hackage links 7 months
yahb2Yet another yet another haskell (IRC) bot 9 months
hhexed[no description]13 months
terminal-io-hsTermio-like library for Haskell 13 months
datetagsPrefix stdin lines with date 14 months
squigInterpreter for Squiggly aka {} 14 months
agda-simplifier[no description]16 months
mandelhs[no description]21 months
list-screenInteractive list editor during a presentation 23 months
snap-efault[no description]23 months
brightnessTiny screen brightness control utility 23 months
batwarn_daemonShow i3-nagbar on almost-empty laptop battery 24 months
ghc-cabal-build-termux[no description]2 years
ghc-gc-hookLibrary for GHC Haskell for getting GC statistics using a GC hook 2 years
ghc-refinefrominscope-panic-reproRepro for ghc#21547 2 years
tomsgSimple C chat server 2 years
display-managerPop-up box for managing an external display via xrandr 2 years
ghc-prof-readerCommand-line app for exploring GHC profiling output 2 years
got-guiGUI for lieuwex's Go Timetrap 2 years
AOCMy solutions to Advent of Code 3 years
competitionCompetition manager for CodeCup-like games 3 years
accelerate-scExperimental sequential C backend for Accelerate 3 years
coolbalSmall partial cabal replacement 3 years
ftilde[no description]3 years
refactor-type-parameters[no description]3 years
rootsPlotting roots of polynomials 3 years
exec-interceptLog execve() calls of another program 3 years
first-order-exprsAttempt at a faster first-order expression simplifier 4 years
langhsCompiler for a made-up language all the way to x64 asm 4 years
cuda-mandelMandelbrot renderer using CUDA 4 years
compcompComposable compiler 4 years
serverstorePersonal screenshot sharing tool 4 years
sound-managerSimple TUI for managing PulseAudio sinks/sink-inputs 4 years
verify-hsEquational reasoning helper tool for Haskell-like expressions 4 years
search-providersSome OpenSearch provider XML's 4 years
git-graphCommit graph of a Git repository 4 years
acpi-inhibitorTemporarily inhibit laptop lid switch (systray app) 4 years
cargo-dotDOT graph of your Rust dependencies 4 years