ghc-prof-readerCommand-line app for exploring GHC profiling output 23 hours
datetagsPrefix stdin lines with date 9 days
webserverMy web server 10 days
blogUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 14 days
tomsgSimple C chat server 2 weeks
exec-interceptLog execve() calls of another program 2 months
cuda-mandelMandelbrot renderer using CUDA 3 months
compcompComposable compiler 3 months
rootsPlotting roots of polynomials 4 months
display-managerPop-up box for managing an external display via xrandr 4 months
serverstorePersonal screenshot sharing tool 5 months
sound-managerSimple TUI for managing PulseAudio sinks/sink-inputs 5 months
verify-hsEquational reasoning helper tool for Haskell-like expressions 5 months
search-providersSome OpenSearch provider XML's 5 months
git-graphCommit graph of a Git repository 6 months
acpi-inhibitorTemporarily inhibit laptop lid switch (systray app) 6 months
cargo-dotDOT graph of your Rust dependencies 6 months
mpmandelMulti-precision mandelbrot 6 months
cpp-windowOpen an SDL window in C++ 7 months
spectrogramAudio spectrogram 7 months
rcalcRPN calculator in Rust 7 months
got-guiGUI for lieuwex's Go Timetrap 7 months
distributedRun computations on multiple machines 7 months
rid3v2ID3v2 tag editor in Rust 7 months
triominosStuff related to the game Triominos 7 months
japanese-lyricsAutomatic translation of some Japanese text 7 months
netcatchatChat with someone over a TCP socket 9 months
AOCMy solutions to Advent of Code 10 months
lisphsLisp half-compiler written in Haskell 10 months
cserverWeb server written in C 11 months
rust-async-testExample code for Rust's parallel async support 11 months
icmp-commTCP over ICMP 12 months
disk_perfDisk write performance measurement utility 13 months
stddevStatistical info tool 13 months
chainreactionChainreaction interactor suite 13 months
girafAn interesting LaTeX lib 13 months
histogramA terminal histogram drawer 13 months
terminal-io-hsTermio-like library for Haskell 14 months
competitionCompetition manager for CodeCup-like games 15 months
ttt3dTiny tic-tac-toe 3D "AI" 15 months
pongmpOnline multiplayer Pong 16 months
barum-ivoA board game designed by Ivo 20 months
termioRust bindings to my C termio library 21 months
tetrisTetris game 21 months
sudokuhtmlMiniscule browser-based sudoku interface 21 months
brightnessTiny screen brightness control utility 21 months
batwarn_daemonShow i3-nagbar on almost-empty laptop battery 21 months
lpA simplex-based LP solver 24 months
education-filterAn ad-hoc filter for 2 years
nobody-explodesKeep talking and nobody explodes 2 years