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masterVendor in irc-clientTom Smeding8 months
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2023-10-15Vendor in irc-clientHEADmasterTom Smeding
2023-10-02Ignore lambdabotTom Smeding
2023-09-12Separate reply message for :qTom Smeding
2023-04-22Add Nat to initial ghci environment for lolsTom Smeding
2023-02-14Long ghc diagnostics are long, need to read them wholeTom Smeding
2022-12-03PasteTom Smeding
2022-11-02Remove some of the re-restarting logic, uselessTom Smeding
2022-11-02Also join #haskell-offtopicTom Smeding
2022-11-02Add commented-out stdoutLogger implementationTom Smeding
2022-11-02Flush stdout moreTom Smeding