AOCMy solutions to Advent of Code 3 weeks
art-attack-tourParallel tournament player for Art Attack 17 months
asmncNetcat in x86_64 assembly 3 years
attractExperimenting with attractor fractals 3 years
barum-ivoA board game designed by Ivo 11 months
batwarn_daemonShow i3-nagbar on almost-empty laptop battery 11 months
bfcompA brainfuck compiler for x86_64 2 years
bfcomphsOptimising brainfuck compiler in Haskell 21 months
bfinterAn optimising brainfuck interpreter 21 months
bfturingTuring machine simulator in Brainfuck 21 months
biglettersBig letters 21 months
bin2cxxd -i, but then somewhat shorter 2 years
boog[no description]3 years
brightnessTiny screen brightness control utility 11 months
capturegoPlay Capture Go against friends 23 months
cargo-build-succinctScript for more concise `cargo build` output 3 years
ccomp-marC compiler for MAR 24 months
chainreactionChainreaction interactor suite 4 months
chatserverA simple NodeJS chat server 3 years
chessA chess AI 22 months
cmus-remote-node[no description]3 years
competitionCompetition manager for CodeCup-like games 5 months
complangA compiled language 3 years
cserverWeb server written in C 6 weeks
cuda-mandelMandelbrot renderer using CUDA 4 months
disk_perfDisk write performance measurement utility 3 months
doomrooms-ttt[no description]22 months
edeA Sublime Text-like editor in the terminal 3 years
education-filterAn ad-hoc filter for 15 months
flogoAn MSWlogo clone in fltk 3 years
functionalA functional language 3 years
gamecoderA new alternative to Game Maker 3 years
girafAn interesting LaTeX lib 4 months
git-graphCommit graph of a Git repository 5 months
GraytraceAn experimental raytracer 3 years
histogramA terminal histogram drawer 4 months
hnefataflHnefatafl AI 17 months
icmp-commTCP over ICMP 2 months
langhsCompiler for a made-up language all the way to x64 asm 2 years
linearDBA simple, linearly executed database engine 3 years
lisphsLisp half-compiler written in Haskell 5 weeks
lpA simplex-based LP solver 14 months
lyspA lisp-like language 3 years
mathAlgebraic manipulations in Haskell 21 months
mocoborRe-implementation of RoboCom 3 years
multichainMultiplayer Online Chain Reaction 3 years
NeutronPlayer and compiler suite for the board game Neutron 3 years
newlanguageA compiled language, implemented in Haskell, using LLVM 3 years
nobody-explodesKeep talking and nobody explodes 16 months
numberEnglish number printer 3 years