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* Add hwi comment in test/t2.cHEADmastertomsmeding2018-01-24
* Also do the BP dance if no spills occurtomsmeding2018-01-24
* Allow empty code blockstomsmeding2018-01-24
* Hints in READMEtomsmeding2018-01-24
* Modify test/t2.ctomsmeding2018-01-24
* Asm literals and hwitomsmeding2018-01-24
* Now with type checkingtomsmeding2018-01-07
* Accept empty parameter liststomsmeding2018-01-07
* Less debug outputtomsmeding2018-01-06
* Update readmetomsmeding2018-01-06
* Add readmetomsmeding2018-01-06
* Working compilertomsmeding2018-01-06
* Fix INS_NOTtomsmeding2018-01-06
* There's actually a chance that, correctly stringified, this will worktomsmeding2018-01-05
* StuffTom Smeding2018-01-05
* InitialTom Smeding2018-01-03