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masterAdd MIT licensetomsmeding3 years
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2017-03-24Add MIT licenseHEADmastertomsmeding
2017-03-23Add READMEtomsmeding
2017-03-23Makefile: Only link fltk on gui buildstomsmeding
2017-03-22FIX CRITICAL BUG: timing issue where simulation was subtly incorrecttomsmeding
2017-03-22Let robot die on move with !mobile, instead of asserttomsmeding
2017-03-21Add debugger instruction (int3)tomsmeding
2017-03-21Be more tolerant of bot errorstomsmeding
2017-03-19Better help text from './sim'tomsmeding
2017-03-19Introduce batch modetomsmeding
2017-03-19Add colours to terminal sim outputtomsmeding