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* Fix mixed ascii/unicode text in terminal outputHEADmasterTom Smeding2020-03-27
* Parse extended header (to an extent), and more v2.4 compatTom Smeding2020-03-24
* Allow starting afresh with a new ID3v2.3 tagTom Smeding2020-02-10
* Add option to remove v1 tagstomsmeding2020-01-19
* Partial support for ID3v2.4Tom Smeding2020-01-17
* Correctly write tagstomsmeding2020-01-12
* Correctly interpret and change values; does not write yettomsmeding2020-01-12
* Even more stufftomsmeding2020-01-09
* More stufftomsmeding2020-01-08
* Initialtomsmeding2020-01-05