BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
haskell-mockWIP doesn't build but was in stashTom Smeding12 months
libsodium-transportWIP secure transport using libsodium secretstreamTom Smeding23 months
masterserver_proxy: Bind to [::] for dual-stack 4/6 bindTom Smeding6 weeks
rustclientrust: Bel and highlight on errorTom Smeding16 months
weechat-refactorWIP weechat refactor to use tomsg_clientlibTom Smeding22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-04-12server_proxy: Bind to [::] for dual-stack 4/6 bindHEADmasterTom Smeding
2022-04-11firebase-io: Up firebase-adminTom Smeding
2021-05-16server: WIP utf8 validation implementationTom Smeding
2021-02-27gitignore: Add .cache/Tom Smeding
2021-02-27server: Leak less information in error messagesTom Smeding
2021-02-27server: Restrict is_online to only query users you know aboutTom Smeding
2021-02-10utilities: Add gen_apikeyTom Smeding
2021-02-10server: Support sendat, protocol version 4Tom Smeding
2021-02-10protocol: Version 4: sendatTom Smeding
2021-02-10protocol: Clarify timestampsTom Smeding