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mastertest.txt: Add apply and pureTom Smeding11 months
typesStart working on a type checkerTom Smeding10 months
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2019-04-09test.txt: Add apply and pureHEADmasterTom Smeding
2019-04-09Organisation cleanupTom Smeding
2019-04-09Fix parser (lambdas and quotes in names)Tom Smeding
2019-04-08Add rewall commandTom Smeding
2019-04-08Add auto commandTom Smeding
2019-04-08Fix warnings in PrettyTom Smeding
2019-03-19Slightly better pretty printingTom Smeding
2019-03-10Add 'help'tomsmeding
2019-03-10Remove 'forget'tomsmeding
2019-03-10Remove old parsertomsmeding