functionalA functional language 21 months
takuzuA takuzu solver 21 months
treetreeA treetree interpreter. 21 months
timerserverA unix command-line timer for your own activities 21 months
rotatioA simple HTML5 rotatio clone 21 months
PostrunStack-oriented esoteric language 21 months
NeutronPlayer and compiler suite for the board game Neutron 21 months
multichainMultiplayer Online Chain Reaction 21 months
linearDBA simple, linearly executed database engine 21 months
GraytraceAn experimental raytracer 21 months
girafAn interesting LaTeX lib 21 months
flogoAn MSWlogo clone in fltk 21 months
chatserverA simple NodeJS chat server 21 months
chainreactionChainreaction interactor suite 21 months
asmncNetcat in x86_64 assembly 21 months
complangA compiled language 21 months
lpA simplex-based LP solver 21 months
lyspA lisp-like language 21 months
numberEnglish number printer 21 months
thermEssent e-thermostaat api 21 months