rootsPlotting roots of polynomials 22 months
mocoborRe-implementation of RoboCom 22 months
regexbattleRegexfaceoff using roomserver 24 months
pstatRemote mac performance monitoring 15 months
rip-langrip: Rip InterPreter for the esoteric language rip 20 months
rcalcRPN calculator in Rust 19 months
cargo-build-succinctScript for more concise `cargo build` output 19 months
tomsgSimple C chat server 18 months
roomserverSimple game lobby server 24 months
sound-managerSimple TUI for managing PulseAudio sinks/sink-inputs 5 months
PostrunStack-oriented esoteric language 2 years
stddevStatistical info tool 8 months
sudokushotSudoku screenshot to text 5 months
icmp-commTCP over ICMP 5 months
volumeTerminal volume slider for OSX 23 months
tetrisTetris game 10 months
bfturingTuring machine simulator in Brainfuck 9 months
vimturingTuring machine simulator in vim normal mode 9 months
infi-aoc-2018Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 6 weeks
rsaUnsafe C++ crypto toolkit 20 months
cserverWeb server written in C 2 years
bin2cxxd -i, but then somewhat shorter 14 months